Election 97


Alternative worldsNew
Tory meltdown, Labour letdown, or Lib Dem false dawn? Explore the wilder reaches of swing with 25 alternative maps of the UK.

Targets of opportunityNew
VRMLA look at the key marginals, region by region, using three-dimensional VRML maps.

Different drums
Although both of the UK governing parties have depended on the Irish vote to stay in power at one time or another, the election in Ireland will be fought on quite different issues by quite different parties. Here we look at the 18 Irish constituencies.

County Matters
In response to numerous requests, we have provided a simpler mapping interface to our extensive constituency profiles by Robert Waller. Just select the area you want and click.

Battleground UK
Focusing on the issues, the history and the personalities behind the news.
  • Natural born winners: James Meagan searches through postwar history for that elusive creature, the natural party of power
  • Party lines: John Whitehead considers the state of the parties
Animal crackers
Identify the political soundbytes and win yourself a magnum of champagne.

Terms of Office
Find out what the contestants have to say for themselves - go straight to the horses' mouths.