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With a complete analysis of the 1997 general election

Uxbridge by-election results in full

1997 has proved to be a landmark year for British politics. Not only have we just experienced a general election, the last of the century, that broke almost too many records to count, but we are facing a shakeup in the whole system of British electoral politics, including referendums and elections for Scottish, Welsh and English regional authorities - not to speak of possible constitutional reform. The latter may include a change to proportional representation. If so, then the entire methodology, swing analysis and all, that we have presented, will come to seem, within a decade, merely quaint. In the meantime, enjoy our full analysis of the election results.


Anatomy of a landslide
The electoral map of the UK has changed dramatically. Here are the full results with maps, county by county, seat by seat, with a detailed analysis for each one and Robert Waller's views on the eve of polling.

Going to the country
A detailed look at the 1997 election, region by region. Fin Fahey offers a blow-by-blow account.

New dimensions
VRML A unique virtual view of the new electoral landscape, using VRML to show where the mass of the votes was really cast.

Extreme measures
Find out where the highest and lowest majorities were, who stayed at home and who voted in droves. Make of it what you will - maybe there's a pattern here...

Future histories
Unless something extraordinary happens, the next general election will be in four or five years. Look ahead with us at the new electoral maps that could arise from the current situation.

Late returns
The electoral process did not stop on 2 May. Keep up to date with the latest news and our UK election timetable.

Postwar blues
The final results for the century are in. James Meagan takes an in-depth look at the 15 postwar general elections.

The way we were

If you want to relive the excitement of the 1997 campaign, here's how we looked on the eve of the Labour victory.

Alternative worlds
Tory meltdown, Labour letdown, or Lib Dem false dawn? Explore the wilder reaches of swing with 25 alternative maps of the UK.

Targets of opportunity
VRMLA look at the key marginals, region by region, using three-dimensional VRML maps.

Different drums
Although both of the UK governing parties have depended on the Irish vote to stay in power at one time or another, the election in Ireland will be fought on quite different issues by quite different parties. Here we look at the 18 Irish constituencies.

County Matters
In response to numerous requests, we have provided a simpler mapping interface to our extensive constituency profiles by Robert Waller. Just select the area you want and click.

Battleground UK
Focusing on the issues, the history and the personalities behind the news.
  • Natural born winners: James Meagan searches through postwar history for that elusive creature, the natural party of power.
  • Party lines: John Whitehead considers the state of the parties.
Constituency profiles
With the help of the advanced Mapguide server, respected election commentator Robert Waller profiles all 641 constituencies in Great Britain.

3D Britain
VRML The British political scene as you've never seen it before - in three dimensions. Fin Fahey uses virtual reality to illustrate Robert Waller's focus on the varied electoral regions of the UK.

Animal crackers
Our contest is now officially closed, and the winner will shortly be announced. However, although you can't enter, you can still play our zoological soundbytes.

Terms of Office
From the Alliance to the Zircon affair, Philip Johnston takes a lexical approach to the issues.

Political Links
Find out what the contestants have to say for themselves - go straight to the horses' mouths.

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