Election 97

Political links

Hey, you're an informed and inquisitive voter - don't take our word for everything. The (sometimes economical) truth is out there...

This is simply a taster of the vast number of UK political sites out there. For a more complete view, try some of the pages we list under political resources. We stress that inclusion on this page does not imply any endorsement of a party's policies, just as absence is not an indication of disapproval.

Major parties (with one or more MPs)
The Conservative Party
The Labour Party
The Liberal Democrats
Plaid Cymru (The Welsh Nationalist Party)
The Scottish National Party

Northern Ireland
The Alliance Party
The Democratic Unionist Party
The Progressive Unionist Party
The Social Democratic and Labour Party
Sinn Fein
The Ulster Unionist Party

Minor parties (no MPs)
The Albion Party
The Communist Party of Great Britain
The Green Party
The Liberal Party
The Natural Law Party
The National Democrats
The New Communist Party
The Referendum Party
The Scottish Socialist Alliance
The Socialist Labour Party
The Socialist Party
Third Way
The United Kingdom Independence Party

Party election sites
The Green Party
The Socialist Equality Party Election 97

Other election sites
Decision '97 (MSN)
Friends of the Earth Election 1997
General Election '97 (Julian White)
GE '97
The Guardian
Newsround (BBC)
UK General Election Internet Opinion Poll
UK 97 (Scotland)

Pressure groups
The Campaign against Censorship of the Internet in Britain
Charter 88
Friends of the Earth
The Monarchist League
Operation Black Vote
Rock The Vote
UK Citizens' Online Democracy

Political resources
Britannia magazine
British Elections and Politics Home Page
Julian White's British Politics Page
List of company donations to UK parties
The Parliamentary Channel
Political Science Resources
Politics (UK Online)
UK Political Links
Yellow pages political links