Election 97

Using Mapguide

Autodesk's Mapguide plug-in is designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, but a few simple pointers may help you to get the most out of it

Mapguide is controlled using a simple icon bar(above). By clicking on these, you can zoom in and out, scroll and get information on areas. When the map first loads, you will see Britain at maximum zoom-out, so you may want to get in closer...

Clicking on this icon alows you to zoom in by a factor of two.

A really fast way to get about, this allows you to type in a location, usually in this case a constituency name, after which Mapguide will take you there.

Zooms out by a factor of two.

Goes to the top level view of the whole of Britain.

Allows you to scroll around the map. Cicking the left mouse button while in this mode lets you select an area, which is highlighted. Multiple areas can be selected by holding down the shift key at the same time.

If you have an area selected, clicking on this option alows you to generate a constituency report in the frame above the map.

You will also notice that, as the level of zoom increases, an interactive key appears to the left of the map. This allows you to turn off certain sorts of detail, such as roads, and offers a guide as to what the map colours mean.

...which is most of what you need to know. The thing to do now is go back to the constituency maps and find out what's out there.