Election 97
 South Antrim

Old constituency South Antrim
Current MP Clifford Forsythe
UUP 92 29,956
SDLP 92 5,397
Alliance 92 5,224
Sinn Fein 92 1,220
Independent 92 442
Elected party Ulster Unionists
South Antrim

Robert Waller writes

A largely Protestant rural seat, like its neighbours in this county, South Antrim was technically the safest seat in Northern Ireland in 1992, with the Ulster Unionists' Clifford Forsythe leading the nationalist SDLP by over 24,000 votes.

In fact he was unopposed by the Democratic Unionists, who are traditionally strong in Antrim and, should they stand this time, his majority will not be so substantial, although he can be expected to hold the seat.