Election 97
 Belfast South

Old constituency Belfast South
Current MP Martin Smyth
UUP 92 16,336
SDLP 92 6,266
Alliance 92 5,054
Conservative 92 3,356
Sinn Fein 92 1,123
Elected party Ulster Unionist
Belfast South

Robert Waller writes

The most affluent part of this troubled city, South Belfast contains the university and many well-heeled residential areas. It is a predominantly Unionist seat - although the nearest challengers to Official Unionist Martin Smyth in 1992 were the SDLP, only about a quarter of the electorate are Catholic. Smyth, Grand Master of the Orange Order, looks set to continue his tenure, and the Boundary Commission's inclusion of additional Unionist territory in the seat can only strengthen his hold.