Election 97
 North Down

Old constituency North Down
Current MP Robert McCartney
UPUP 92 19,305
Conservative 92 14,371
Alliance 92 6,611
DUP 92 4,414
Elected party Ulster Popular Unionists
North Down

Robert Waller writes

The most affluent seat in Northern Ireland, in many ways resembling a Great British constituency, North Down is commuter-belt territory for Belfast. Its atypical nature is emphasised by the fact that it is the sole seat of the Ulster Popular Unionist Party, formed in 1980 as a 'left' non-sectarian splinter of the Official Unionists.

Even more atypical is the showing of John Major's Conservatives here, who ran a close second to the PUP in 1992. Boundary Commission changes affect the seat little, and it seems likely to return the PUP's Robert McCartney to Westminster.