Election 97

VRML animation
Tory flatland

Robert Waller sums up the situation in East Anglia. VRML by Fin Fahey

VRML East Anglia

East Anglia - including Essex - is very flat, very rural, and mostly very Tory. Many of the safest Conservative seats in the country are here, including the seat of John Major himself in Huntingdon, and the bastions of such Tory luminaries as Gillian Shephard, Brian Mawhinney and John Gummer. Note however, the red towers of Ipswich and Cambridge, and the red incursion of Thurrock on the Thames estuary - these all fell to Labour in 1992, and the pre-1992 map would have been almost monochrome.

This year, there are other opposition targets in the region, but not too many. Basildon, once taken as an indicator of the national swing, is now wholly untypical of the UK - Labour coud gain an absolute majority in the house and not gain this seat. But they have other targets, such as in Harlow which, following boundary changes, will fall to them on a 2 per cent swing. Norwich North is another two-percenter, Waveney has lost rural wards and goes red on 4 per cent, and Peterborough and Great Yarmouth must also be regarded as vulnerable. The Liberal Democrats' hopes are mostly for a result in Colchester, which promises an interesting fight.

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