Election 97

VRML animation
Robbing of Sherwood

Robert Waller sums up the situation in the East Midlands. VRML by Fin Fahey

VRML East Midlands

A critical electoral region, the East Midlands. In 1992 Labour made only three gains here, all in Nottinghamshire, where the Nottinghamshire miners, who had not participated in the divisive miners' strike of 1984-85, saw their pits slated for closure anyway. It was predictable that Labour would reap the rewards and regained Sherwood, Nottingham East and Nottingham South.

This time, Labour is gunning for a broader range of targets. A 5 per cent swing would give them no less than eight seats, and boundary changes will give them Lincoln too, reduced to its urban core. Corby, the steel town in Northamptonshire, must be first on Labour's list, followed by Leicestershire NW; Amber Valley; Derbyshire South, where boundary changes have halved Edwina Currie's majority; Loughborough, again made vulnerable by boundary changes; Derby North and Erewash. The Lib Dems have scant hope in the region, and they have not gained a seat here since the war.

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