Election 97

VRML animation
Coast to coast

Robert Waller sums up the situation in Northern England. VRML by Fin Fahey

VRML English North

Northern England is an extensive region of great variety extending from the Atlantic to the North Sea coasts. Most of the seats in the far North are already safely Labour - the most noticeable feature on the 3D electoral map is the great red Matterhorn to the east - the heavy industrial conurbations of the Tyne, Wear and Tees containing Tony Blair's super-safe seat of Sedgefield - while Durham and Northumberland contain old coalfields.

The western city of Carlisle shows as a distinct Labour bulge, but there is some danger for them here, as some Tory-voting rural territory has been added, while Jack Cunningham's majority in atomic energy-dependent Copeland is quite insecure.

A very possible Labour gain (they regained Barrow and Furness and Darlington in 1992) is Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, while their other targets, Tynemouth - bolstered by boundary changes - and Stockton South, will prove tougher nuts.

There is nothing here for the Lib Dems, but they can expect to hold on to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

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