Election 97

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Twin peaks

Robert Waller sums up the situation in Scotland. VRML by Fin Fahey

VRML Scotland

Scotland, dominated by the two great urban complexes of Glasgow and Edinburgh, is the scene of many Tory electoral disasters, which reduced their holding in the region to ten seats - although they recovered slightly in 1992, following the replacement of Mrs Thatcher. This time, though, they look like being back in the Scottish doghouse - mid-term polls suggest that their remaining seats north of the border are under renewed threat.

The main consolation John Major has is that he has little left to lose in Scotland. Nonetheless, there will be many interesting contests here. The SNP have hopes of picking up Tory seats in rural areas, including Inverness East, which proved itself to be a fascinating four-way marginal last time - it could literally go any way. Labour should hold solidly in the Lowlands, but the Lib Dems may not be too happy - they have lost their Scottish leader Malcolm Bruce's seat of Grampian to boundary changes, and two of their senior MPs are retiring - Sir David Steel in Tweeddale and Sir Russell Johnston in Inverness East.

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